032: Genome alterations defining the metastatically relevant cancer cell

HIPO Investigator:

Prof. Allgayer

Mohammed Abba

Prof. Lichter

Prof. Eils

Dr. Christine Hauser

Dr. Nitin Patil

Dr. Olga Oleksiuk

Supported by: HIPO/POP

Entity: colorectal cancer and metastases


Abba ML et al.; Prevention of carcinogenesis and metastasis by Artemisinin-type drugs; Cancer Lett. 2018 (together with H027)

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Mudduluru G. et al.; A Systematic Approach to Defining the microRNA Landscape in Metastasis; Cancer Res. 2015

Rusek AM et al.; MicroRNA modulators of epigenetic regulation, the tumor microenvironment and the immune system in lung cancer, Molecular Cancer 2015

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Abba M et al.; Differentially expressed microRNAs in colorectal cancer metastasis; Genomics Data 2015

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