Omics IT and Data Management

High-performance data management infrastructure in terms of both hardware and software is a prerequisite for any large-scale sequencing project. The Data Management Group (DMG) has developed the software application “One Touch Pipeline” (OTP, for managing and automatic processing of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data.

The key features of OTP are structured data storage on the filesystem, access control to data per project, quality checks, automatized processing like alignment, SNV and Indel Calling and a web interface with different overviews and statistics.

The NGS data is automatically processed and analyzed via OTP and stored in one defined place so that the bioinformaticians can access the data and results directly for further processing. The OTP application has been employed to process, store and analyze NGS data generated for example by HIPO projects regardless of the sequencing technology used in each project.

Currently, more than 1000 terabytes of NGS data from more than 50 HIPO projects is managed by OTP. Since the production of the NGS HIPO data will continue to increase, the availability of the data management application can not be overemphasized.


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