Intelligent Imaging -3D high content screening

Recent advances in systems microscopy allow unprecedented imaging capabilities in tumor biology. The intelligent imaging group at the BioQuant combines longterm fluorescent live imaging of micro tissues with latest machine learning approaches for automated high content screening. At the translational border between emerging 3D in vitro models and drug testing of patient derived material, we provide novel concepts to correlate morphological imaging with single cell or spheroid sequencing. We aim to bridge the technological and knowledge gap between tumor specific tissue morphologies and sequenced transcriptomes.

Currently, we operate the following device modalities:

• Combination of spinning disk and laser scanning confocal microscopy

• Multi-photon laser scanning

• Dual view inverted light sheet microscopy (diSPIM)

• Automated in-built micro dispenser

• Nanochip-based single cell sequencing including imaging

• Droplet-based single cell sequencing



Dr. Christian Conrad: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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